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 $8,280,857.31 in Items for Sale.
Is Barter For YOU?

Barter helps you monetize down time and conserve cash

Most of us are selling time sensitive services of one sort or another

How do you recover the value of:
.....A restaurant table not filled?

......An Empty Room  In you Hotel or Inn from Last NIght?
.....The unfilled slot in your schedule? 

.....the inventory not sold -taking up space needed for new product?

Once that time is past, it is gone.  You can never recover that value.

That is why you do barter, isn't it?  Wouldn't it be easier if you could barter your product or service to someone who needs it, then barter with someone for what YOU need, without complicated bookkeeping?

Unfortunately, straight business to business bartering is hit and miss.   Let's say you're a carpet cleaner:

  • Will your auto mechanic really take $600+ in cleaning services for the repairs you need? 

  • How many gift certificates can you afford to take from a single restaurant? 
  • What are you going to do with all of them?

BDR Barter will change that forever.   Our exchange gives you access to over 50,000 trading partners,  Business owners just like yourself. So why not trade what you have for what you need?

With No Monthly charge and no Cost to join......  
What do you have to lose? 

Your valuable, time sensitive inventory is already going to waste.   

Join now
There are almost limitless things that can be bartered. Join now and let us get you started on the oldest and newest way to pay for all the things you want and need.
A Better Way to Barter

IBA Member
BDR Barter Exchange is a member of the  International Barter Alliance, a   DoBarter on Line service. Your membership in BDR Barter Exchange offers you access to goods and services from ten's of thousands of members in exchanges worldwide.
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BDR Barter Exchange
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